Logo update!

So… we got rid of the Helvetica “A”, and got our first real logo! Two months ago we asked for your input on LinkedIn, and boy did we get it! THANK YOU! 437 votes and 91 comments – ranging from raging praise to slightly worried messages about how to really figure out and express brand identity.

Well, to me, everything is work-in-progress, and there’s no such thing as a final version. It’s about continuous learning. It’s about having the courage to do things, to listen with intent to really understand, to reflect, adjust – and develop as quick as you can. It’s about a constant strive for something better. It’s about Ambition.

The logo? Our mission is to empower the world’s designers. We help designers and innovative organisations to grow, both in capability and confidence. We’re moving fast – onward, forward, and just like the designers and organisations we work with – upward. Also, continuous learning is at our absolute core, and if you tilt your head slightly to the right, and you’ll see how the A, with the shadow, forms an infinity loop, illustrating just that. I love it!

Boris and Anders – THANKS for excellent work! I’m really happy with this, our first version of our logo. May it live… until we come up with something even better. 😘

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