Åsa Wendel

Welcome Åsa Wendel!

🦄 BUILDING A DREAM TEAM! Say hi to Åsa Wendel! Apart from creating the best professional development program for design and product leaders, as well as senior designers, we’re also bildning a small, tight, and highly skilled team of consultants who can help both organizations and individuals to grow.

Åsa Wendel is a doer and a fantastic business developer with a clear focus on customer driven innovation. Above all, Åsa is a master when it comes to managing the complexity and the challenges that are common in large, global, organizations, and in the public sector. Most recently she’s worked with the City of Gothenburg, Sweden, helping them to steer projects towards desired business outcomes. In her 20-year career Åsa has, among other things, led the development of a global, prized, intranet, with more than 55.000 users, and developed web solutions for some of Sweden’s largest corporations.

We’re so incredibly happy that Åsa is joining Ambition! 🙌

Welcome Åsa! ❤️

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