Hi Iva Radosevic, Global CX Project Manager at Yale Global!

Hi Iva Radosevic, Global CX Project Manager at Yale Global, and former UX researcher at ASSA ABLOY. You were one of the first to sign up for Ambition Empower. Why?

– I love the concept of life-long learning, and am always keeping one eye open for things that can help me develop my skills and grow professionally. However, almost all resources are focusing on helping people go from beginner to intermediate. There are much fewer possibilities when you want to take the next step. Once I saw your Empower program, and saw the focus on design leadership and strategy, I knew I wanted to join. Also – after paying for specializations on coursera etc – the price for Empower was also a no-brainer! Especially with such strong names, and with such a smart setup for the program!

What would you say are the greatest challenges in your own professional growth, and how do you think Ambition Empower can help you with them?

– My challenge is that I get too comfortable with what I already know, and since I rarely have time to explore, I miss out on new angles and ways to improve my skills. Learning something new every week, and meeting with both people like Kim and Susan, and with other professionals, is perfect to help me break out of my comfort and help me to grow. I am super excited about this program!

The program starts in September, and you’ll have complete access for a full year. So far we’ve only revealed Kim Goodwin and Susan Weinschenk as track leaders. What are you most excited about?

– I am looking forward to both Kim and Susan! I had a chance to meet Kim in person at a UX conference in Portugal, and WOW, what an inspiring woman and great source to learn from! And as of Susan, I listened to all her courses on Udemy – she was the reason that I got interested in psychology and user research in the first place! I feel like I am repeating myself but with these two names it really was a no-brainer to join!

🙏 Thanks Iva! We’re really looking forward to having you with us this fall!

Sounds interesting? You should join too! Check out Ambition Empower to find out more!

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