THANK YOU! Our first six months in review!

THANK YOU! 🙏 We started Ambition only 6 months ago. We never thought we’d get so far this quickly. And… it’s all because of you.

Here’s where we’re at:

👂 We’ve interviewed more than 50 design and product leaders, and senior designers, in order to really understand the challenges of learning new things while working (often more than) full time, and often with schedules full of private commitments as well.

✍️ We’ve sketched, prototyped, and launched, Ambition Empower – a whole new concept for continuous learning, that allows even people with crazy busy schedules to keep growing and learning new things.

🤩 We’ve signed some of the worlds smartest design, UX, and product people, to lead tracks at Ambition Empower. Kim Goodwin will lead a track on Design & Product Leadership, and Susan Weinschenk one on Strategy and Design Research. In August two more stars will be announced, and then… Well. We’re just getting started.

🥇 Within the first hour after launching the first members started to sign up for a full year of learning. Brilliant and eager minds from eg H&M, Polestar, Zington, Hemnet and Yale have already joined. Empower will be jam-packed with, not just the most interesting track leaders, but also with the very best design and product professionals.

🍊 We’re working closely with the incredibly skilled team at to explore and implement both innovative possibilities and efficient ways of working.

💕 We’ve created a great matchmaking offering, and are currently working with several clients to help them find really great design and product people (either as employees, or as consultants).

🚀 Finally. We’ve started to build a dream-team with the perfect skillset for this journey. There are five of us now, but already in September we’ll be twice that. All sharing the same mission – helping designers and innovative organizations to grow, both in capability and confidence.

We’ve come a really long way in an incredibly short time. None of this would have been possible without YOUR support. Thanks for the laughter, for the sparkling conversations, and the trust you’re placing in us. You have no idea how much we appreciate it. ❤️

Enjoy your summer. See you all, well rested, back in August! ☀️


/Nathalie, Anders Thid, Cecilia, Jane & Johan

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