NEW TRACK: Backstage with UX Podcast

With more than 2 million downloads UX Podcast is one of the world’s biggest podcasts for design and product people. There are just so many classic episodes with people like; Indi Young, Brad Frost, Erika Hall, Jeff Gothelf, Kate Rutter, Melissa Perri, Mike Monteiro, Alan Cooper, Brad Frost, and Luke Wroblewski. And more are coming!

Now… going forward… all the episodes will be recorded exclusively together with the members of Ambition Empower!

Join Ambition Empower and follow the UX Podcast track to get backstage access to James Royal-LawsonPer Axbom, and guests. Get inspiration from a wide variety of the world’s most exciting design and product people – LIVE – at least once a month.

Psst. This track will not include weekly tasks or preparations, you just join the sessions and enjoy! 🌈

Check out the new track here!

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