Ambition in collaboration with Matic Tribe to create Empower app

There’s an app for that

At Ambition, our mission is to help design and product professionals to grow, both in capability and confidence. Now, we’re starting up what’s probably our most important collaboration this year. Empower is growing, and it’s time to move beyond google docs, duct tape, and manual labor.

👋 So, say hi to Carl Rynning and Matic Tribe! Carl was one of our first Empower members, and Matic Tribe is a team of highly talented developers in Gothenburg. We’re so happy that they want to take Empower to the next stage together with us! 

🥇 First up, we’ll implement a bunch of things to make it easier for JaneAndersNathalie, and the rest of us to run the service. Later in the spring, we’ll also add several useful member features, not least making the service available as an app on your phone. So, yes, there will soon be an app for that! 

🙋‍♀️ Right now, we’re getting ready for some really exciting co-creation and user testing sessions with members, so let us know if you want to help out! 

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