👋 Ambition is growing! Say hello to…

… Mattias Andersson! 🙌

Hello Mattias! Welcome to Ambition! Before we met for the first time, I checked out your CV on LinkedIn. You’ve worked in a record store, been a graphic designer, game reviewer, freelance writer, and diving guide in Malta. Except for diving, you’ve basically done everything I wish I had managed to do during my upbringing. What was the most fun, and why?

– Thank you, Johan! Yes, I’ve had the chance to try many different things, and each one has its own special place in my heart, but diving is definitely a hard-to-beat hobby. Exploring the sea at thirty or forty meters deep is an indescribable experience. It’s incredibly meditative, despite requiring a lot of focus and high safety awareness, while at the same time, you can almost taste the adrenaline in your mouth. Right there and then, there’s nothing else but that exact moment and the sound of your own air bubbling in the water as you explore a completely different world. All other thoughts disappear. Very powerful.

That sounds wonderful… and a little scary… I think I’ll stay on land… Almost ten years ago, you decided to change paths and started studying interaction design at Malmö University. Why?

– I felt it was time to try something new and perhaps turn what had always interested me the most into a career. My interest in design and technology started even before I began elementary school. I grew up with a Commodore 64 and then a series of Amiga computers and began experimenting with graphics and music.

– The education suited me perfectly, both the design parts and the programming, and already during my studies, I began working as a UX designer at a product company in Malmö.

Fun! I also started working as a designer before graduation. In my case, it was mostly about designing various websites and administrative systems. What about you?

– I’ve been working on a SaaS service that helps, for example, restaurants increase productivity and efficiency in their daily operations. It’s a straightforward challenge where a good user experience is crucial. The most fun so far has been prototyping and designing solutions that help customers achieve their goals. I really enjoy the entire spectrum, from UX research to detailed UI design.

Exciting! And now you’re joining us at Ambition. What are you most looking forward to?

– I’m mainly looking forward to working with different products and services and designing various solutions. Then, of course, I’m also excited to get to know all the wonderful people. I got off to a perfect start at our spring kickoff a few weeks ago. It felt luxurious to have the opportunity to meet everyone even before I started.

Thank you, Mattias! Yes, it’s an amazing team! I’m looking forward to getting to know you better! Once again, Mattias, welcome to Ambition! 😃 🙌


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