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Karin Lövsund! It’s great to be working with you again! Welcome to Ambition! 💜

We met back in the spring of 2007 to consider working together. It took a few years before it happened, but my goodness, I was so impressed when we finally made it work. Your calm and reassuring demeanor, combined with your curiosity, has always been your superpower. These qualities are undoubtedly valuable for any designer, but as a design leader, they are crucial. So, where does this curiosity come from?

– I’m not quite sure… My dad sparked my curiosity in technology, and my mom in animals and nature. In primary school, art was the most enjoyable subject for me. I loved the freedom to explore and the clear visual feedback in what I created. I wanted to learn! I had the opportunity to try different techniques and learn how to create with greater precision and achieve a result I could be proud of with less frustration. Changing and improving through experimentation and trial and error is still something I find incredibly fulfilling. Thanks to curiosity as my driving force, I carry the visual expression as an incredibly powerful tool, regardless of what I’m doing.

It’s exciting to delve into technology, especially considering that your first assignment at Ambition involves supporting a project to design services for sustainable transportation. 🌱

You’ve always been a great listener and genuinely interested in other people. I think it’s a wonderful leadership quality, but I also believe it’s a part of that same curiosity.

– Yes, that’s probably true. Both because human behavior has always fascinated me, and because I truly appreciate working closely with others.

– Building relationships and collaborating to drive work forward is incredibly important. In many cases, it’s essential for success. I enjoy meeting new people and establishing new connections, especially in new projects.

Yes, there is something to that, both for the insights gained and because effective collaboration is vital for getting things done. Karin, once again, welcome to Ambition! It feels fantastic to have the opportunity to work together again! 🙌

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