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- Maria Redström & Johanna Altenstedt
UX Research & Design, TIBCO Spotfire


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Chris Noessel
AI Mastery for Designers
Artificial Intelligence is rapidly becoming a fundamental part of many of the products and services we use: everything from email to vacuum cleaners to music services. Yet, if there’s one phrase that is sure to give design leaders and designers anxiety and imposter syndrome, it’s “AI." This technology is everywhere and more is coming. What is it? How do you design for it? What are the pitfalls? How do you sift through the jargon to know what’s real? How do you hire for it? The short answer is that it’s a rapidly-changing field, and these answers are changing all the time.
Susan Weinschenk
Behavioral Design
Knowledge about nudging, gamification, and behavioral psychology is essential. The more you and your team know and understand people and behavior, the better products and services you can create, and the more you can motivate people to take action. New research on brain science and behavioral science has expanded our understanding of ourselves. In this track, we will explore both the foundational and latest research in behavioral psychology and how to apply that to our work.
Kim Goodwin
Design Leadership
Regardless of whether your focus is design or product, your job as a leader is to improve the organization’s ability to deliver the right experience. Your organization is a unique combination of life stage, industry, culture, skill levels, structure, resources, and other factors. As a leader, you have a unique combination of strengths that make some situations easier than others.
Susan Weinshenk
Design Research
Research is critical if you want to reach stakeholders and if you want to ensure that your design decisions have maximum impact. I’ve got lots of ideas of what to cover in this track, including innovative ways to do research, how best to communicate research results to stakeholders, calculating the ROI of research, and much more.
Per Axbom
Inclusive Design & Ethics
Awareness of how design can affect wellbeing is growing, acknowledging that design not only solves but also creates problems. It is increasingly expected that you balance your concern for business value with the outcomes and impact of the work that you and your team put forward. But how do you work intentionally to mitigate negative outcomes? How do you find and bring attention to the many harms that may arise? How do you resolve issues where one group gains and another pains from the same solution?
Christian Crumlish
Product Management
As organizations mature, they tend to shift to a product mindset. This opens up great opportunities for senior UX people to grow and take on Product Management roles and/or responsibilities. If you’re already practicing UX in the context of a product team, or if you’re preparing to transition to a product-oriented organizational model, or if you are being asked to fulfill a quasi-product role in addition to your UX responsibilities, then you’ve got good reasons for wanting to understand what makes product managers tick and what product management is really all about. Or maybe you’ve started wondering if you want to be a Product Manager, or perhaps you’ve already made the move… Regardless of your reason, welcome to Product Management for UX People.
Chris Risdon
Service Design
Most economies are dominated by services, not physical products. From traditional healthcare services to the latest pizza delivery services, our lives are ever-dominated by services we engage with. Companies are realizing they need to transform their business by connecting their experience end-to-end, across digital and physical channels, to provide a true service experience. That requires going beyond the screens to create intentional, meaningful experiences and interactions across the whole customer journey.
James & Per
UX Podcast: Backstage
With more than 2.5 million downloads, UX Podcast is one of the world’s biggest podcasts for design and product people. There are just so many classic episodes with people like; Indi Young, Brad Frost, Erika Hall, Jeff Gothelf, Kate Rutter, Melissa Perri, Mike Monteiro, Alan Cooper, Brad Frost, and Luke Wroblewski. And more are coming! Now… going forward… all podcasts will be recorded exclusively together with the members of Ambition Empower! Join this track to get backstage access with James Royal-Lawson, Per Axbom, and meet some of the world’s most outstanding and most exciting design and product people – LIVE – at least once a month. That this track does not include weekly tasks or preparations, you just join the sessions and enjoy!


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