Professional development is broken.
We’re here to fix it.

Designers, product managers, digital innovators… Imagine a way for you and your whole team to not just get on top, but stay on top, of the topics that really matter; Leadership, DesignOps, Service Innovation, Ethics, Behavioural Design, UX, Research, Business Design, Prototyping, and more.

Imagine meeting some of the industry’s very best, and having insightful conversations with others who share the same challenges as you. Imagine this happening every week. Imagine where that would take you. Imagine where that would take your organisation.

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The Ambition Arena is a continuous program for everyone who’s creating innovative products and services. Members will have a unique opportunity to meet the very best in the industry every week, to really improve within their core competences, and to acquire new skills within adjacent areas. It’s a unique way to make sure that you and everyone in your team stay ahead, and can keep developing really great solutions.

Jane Murray has been working with learning and development systems for more than 15 years. First as an Alumni Coordinator, then through developing learning systems, and through running both the inUse Academy and the design and innovation conference From Business to Buttons since 2014.

Johan Berndtsson co-founded the education company Infomedia back in 1995, and later went on to start the design agency inUse together with some friends in 2002. In 2007 he co-founded From Business to Buttons, with speakers such as Kim Goodwin, Mike Monteiro, Patricia Moore and Steve Wozniak. Having left inUse late 2019 he’s fully focused on helping innovative organisations to grow, both in capability and confidence.

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The Ambition Arena is not quite ready, and we’re not taking orders yet. If continuous growth for both you and your organisation sounds interesting, sign up, and you’ll be the first to know.