Product management for ux people

As organizations mature, they tend to shift to a product mindset. This opens up great opportunities for senior UX people to grow and take on Product Management roles and/or responsibilities.

If you’re already practicing UX in the context of a product team, or if you are being asked to fulfill a quasi-product role in addition to your UX responsibilities, then you’ve got good reasons for wanting to understand what makes product managers tick and what product management is really all about.

Or maybe you you want to be a Product Manager, or perhaps you’ve already made the move…

Regardless of your reason, welcome to Product Management for UX People.

This track covers all you need to thrive in a product world, e.g.:

  • Product management and product strategy
  • Product discovery with UX/research, product & engineering triad
  • Funnel optimization and growth metrics
  • Prioritizing and defending a roadmap
  • Working through conflicts (“group therapy”)
  • The 8 pillars of product culture
  • How to build an empowered product team that delivers value
  • How to balance stakeholders, focus on priorities, and say No
  • Where to put product in your org chart


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Christian Crumlish is a product and UX leadership consultant at Design in Product. He is currently leading the product management of in California. He’s a former startup mentor at Code for America, head of product at 7 Cups, winner of the 2016 Stanford Medicine X Prize for health systems design, and a 2019 World Economic Forum Pioneer. He was also a Senior Director of Product at CloudOn (sold to DropBox), Director of Messaging Products for AOL (AIM), and the last curator of the Yahoo design pattern library. He is the author of the bestselling Product Management for UX People: From Designing to Thriving in a Product World, The Power of Many, and a co-author of Designing Social Interfaces.


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