Hello Marcus!

Hello Marcus! You and the team at Stim are building an internal Service Design department. How is it going, and how are you using Ambition Empower to move forward more quickly? 🧐

Marcus Janzon and his team are establishing new working methods and design culture. Although they have just started, Marcus has much to lean on.

– I have been at STIM for 15 years. My interest in the music industry started early, but I quickly realized that it was difficult to pay the rent through voluntary work, so I began studying organizational development. When I finished, I received a recommendation for a temporary role at STIM, which eventually resulted in a position in strategy and development. Since I’ve always liked visualization, I later took different UX and design courses. After that, I had several successful collaborations with the lovely team at Antrop. What we did together had a good effect, and now my colleagues and I are building an internal service design department.

Yes. Many organizations are currently building internal expertise in UX and service design. The area is just too important to be dependent on others. You have just started. How is it going for you?

– It’s going well. We are eight on the team, including two interns. There are many challenges, and we are just at the beginning of our journey. Overall, it’s about supporting the business in working more customer-centric to maximize the value for our members. To do this, we need to create the best conditions for the whole team to grow as individuals and as a team.

– A vital part is our meeting-free Tuesdays when we meet and sit together. We usually start by making a list of everything we want to discuss. There’s usually a lot about how we work. Sometimes inspired by books, but this is also where Empower comes in. With Empower, we get continuous inspiration and many examples from tested methods and models. Being able to access examples of what can be done is extremely powerful.

What do you think has been the best thing about Empower so far?

– A few different things make me think it works very well. The first is time. One hour a week is so little that there’s no problem getting it done, but at the same time, it’s enough to help us keep moving forward. Personally, I have scheduled Mondays at 11 am as my “Empower-time” on the weeks when there are no live meetings. Then it’s also great that we do this together as a group. We get a shared foundation of knowledge to develop from. Finally, the flexibility to change tracks also feels very good. For example, I jumped into Kim Goodwin’s Design Leadership to learn about recruitment. It’s good to be adaptive and choose what you need the most right now. The approach feels revolutionary.

Thank you, Marcus! It’s really great to have you on board! Good luck with continuing to build your department! 🚀

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