Jane Murray, Business Lead
Through the events that Jane have produced over the years, she has probably contributed more than any other individual to the growth and development of Scandinavia’s professional designers. Her learning experiences, often arranged in close collaboration with international thought leaders, have literally helped thousands of people. If you want to learn how Ambition can help you, or your organization, to develop professionally, reach out to Jane. 

Cecilia Brunemark, Business Lead
Cecilia has guided hundreds of clients to success. She’s been working with leadership in the experience design and IT industry for more than 25 years, working for companies such as inUse, Publicis Sapient / LBi, and Framfab. If you need to grow your design team, or just need to get something done, give Cecilia a call. If she can’t help you, not many can. 

Anders Thid, Design Operations
As design- and development teams are growing, efficiency and governance is becoming critical. Anders is an expert in setting up both effective and efficient design systems, toolchains, and team collaborations. On top of that he’s a crazy good designer, with a minute attention to detail. Reach out to Anders for advice on anything in the intersection of tech and design. 

Nathalie Tindsjö, Design Leadership
Nathalie is a true leader and change agent. She’s a thinker AND a doer, capable of guiding the largest multi-billion corporations, as well as the smallest start-ups, and help them accelerate the way they work with design and innovation. Contact Nathalie if you want hands-on advice on how to build your design teams, and organize your work, to increase both efficiency and effectiveness.  

Johan Berndtsson, CEO and Advisor
Johan has been working with design and leadership since the late nineties. In the service economy, experience design is rapidly moving to the core of almost every business. We’re here to facilitate that transition, and Johan is frequently trusted as an advisor to leaders and leadership teams on how experience design can bring success. Reach out to Johan for advisory assignments, and if you’re interested in joining, or learning more about Ambition.  

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