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We Empower the World's Designers

At Ambition, we empower the world’s designers – and each other. We help the entire UX, product, and service design business to stay on top through our professional development program Ambition Empower. We help our clients and those who work there to move forward through our consulting and recruiting work. And, perhaps most important, we continuously support each other and help each other to grow, both individually and as a team.  

Work at Ambition

Digital design is business critical for most organizations. Our work centers around helping our clients to strengthen the required abilities. Regardless of whether our assignment is to help out with business transformation, design leadership, improved ways-of-working, or “just” to create a new awesome service, we do all our work in close collaboration with our clients. Some of the clients we work most with are IKEA, KVD,, SKF, and Volvo Group, and Polestar.

In our everyday lives we’re community managers, toolmakers, and consultants. Regardless of where we spend most of our time, Ambition – virtually on Slack, or at our offices in Gothenburg and Malmö – is our home base. A place where you can relax, have fun, and grow together with the rest of the team.  

Finally. We’re young, and we’re just getting started. There are not a lot of rules that can’t be bent or broken. Transparency and inclusiveness is key to our success. By designing and growing our business together, we develop as individuals, a team, and an organization. We’re in this together. 

”Before I joined Ambition my development had started to decline. During the two months since I started I’ve probably grown more than I did during the entire last year. […] It’s amazing to team up with people who have worked with design and leadership for more than 20 years.” 

Read more about Kristina’s and Johan’s experiences working at Ambition (interviews in Swedish).

Grow at Ambition

We value continuous growth. Change is constant, and as a designer or leader, you need to keep growing to keep up. We also realize that this is not easy, and that proper support is crucial to make it work. As with everything we do, we’re always experimenting to find better ways, but at the moment, we use five different components to succeed.

Ambition Empower
Everyone, of course, has access to our professional development program, Ambition Empower. In only one hour per week, everyone can grow in the areas most important to them regardless of whether it is, e.g., design leadership, research, or AI. 

Empower Highlights
Once a week we share and reflect on what we’ve learned in this week’s Empower session(s), to share inspiration, and to see how we can change and improve the way we do things. 

Show & Tell
Every other week we share insights from assignments, demo new tools, etc.

Playbook co-creation
We also have bi-weekly sessions where we improve our playbooks – our method and examples collections – on e.g., design and product leadership, service design and customer journeys, product management, etc.

Growth conferences
Three times a year we meet up, all of us, for conferences. Our mission is to help designers and innovative organizations grow, both in capability and confidence. The central theme of these conferences is therefore often to develop in a specific area that we’re especially interested in at the moment. 

The Package

In addition to salary, fantastic professional development, and a great team to work with, you get:

  • Wellness allowance of up to 5.000 SEK per year. Yoga, gym, running, swimming… if you feel like it, here’s a great opportunity to stay healthy. 
  • Insurances, including private health care coverage. Everyone should have access to great healthcare. If you get ill, you’ll get great help in no time. 
  • 33 days vacation. Work at Ambition is both meaningful and fun, but – of course – we all need to rest and spend time with their loved ones. 
  • Occupational pension corresponding to the typical collective agreement. Work is fun, but eventually we all need to wind down, and we should be able to do so without stress.
  • Your own choice of mobile, laptop, and other work tools.
Anything missing? Let us know. We’re always eager to learn.

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