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NEW TRACK: UI Design & Prototyping with Figma

Working in design today is more demanding than ever. Interaction and UI designers are expected to maintain a high skill level and efficient working practices despite the high-paced development of the field. This new track will help you stay on top of everything related to UI Design and Prototyping with Figma.

Starting in October, the UI Design & Prototyping with Figma track will take a holistic view on UI design work. Together we’ll explore the latest best practices for UI design, prototyping, and Figma use, including sharing, storing, and organizing design artefacts, prototyping, and collaborating with cross-functional partners.

The track continually adapts to the needs of the members, but includes, e.g.:

  • UI design starting points: from blue-sky concepts to working with a design system
  • Working with a team, even if you are the only designer: how to be efficient with your file
  • How to make reusable components that make sense (and save time)
  • How to create realistic prototypes and where to test them
  • Good Figma habits that make you more efficient and simplify making changes
  • Creating UI design that can easily be implemented by developers
  • Organizing your Figma into a single source of truth for design
  • How to collaborate efficiently with non-designers in Figma

The track will be led by none other than Georgiy Chernyavsky! Georgiy is a Sr. Design Specialist and Figma expert at Mastercard. Here he is taking care of the full design cycle, focusing heavily on Design System components and UI design. Before joining Mastercard, Georgiy worked for enterprise software corporations, such as Broadcom and Citrix, as well as for various startups. Georgiy is a contributing author of the book “97 Things Every UX Practitioner Should Know” (O’Reilly Media, 2021), holds a patent for a keyboard-accessible web code editor, and is an amateur backyard farmer growing cucumbers and herbs in his small garden.

Every week Georgiy provides one hour of carefully selected recommendations on what to read, watch, or listen to, in order to stay ahead. And once a month, you’ll get to meet him in a live online workshop together with all other members who also are seeking to perfect their UI Design and Prototyping skills using Figma. Difficulty level: Intermediate to advanced.

I hope that you’re finding this just as exciting as we do! You can read more about Ambition Empower and sign up here.

There are still a few (>10) more discounted memberships available if you sign up before June 22 2023, and start in September. Use the code “September” to get 20% off.

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