Ambition Empower

Frequently Asked Questions

What am I signing up for?

Ambition Empower is a continuous professional development program. The program consists of several tracks. Each track focuses on a specific topic area. The track leader plans the content of the online live sessions, and curate other material for you to read, watch or listen to between sessions, in order for you to keep growing.

How does it work? What do I have access to?

At the moment there are four tracks in Ambition Empower, but the number of tracks will vary roughly between 3 and 8 over time. Each track will have an online session every 3-4 weeks. As a member you have access to all the tracks, including all the recommendations on what to read, watch or listen to, made by the track leader. It will probably be too much for anyone to follow all the tracks in the program, but that is not our goal. The idea is for you to pick the tracks and sessions that you are most interested in, and that create the most value to you. The “access-to-all” set-up is to create flexibility for both you and us. Follow the tracks and/or the sessions that you want and just ignore the rest. =)

What if I miss one session?

The sessions are (at least for the most part) stand-alone. They do not build on each other. If you are too busy one week then you just join the next one instead – you can’t fall behind and work will not pile up. Ambition Empower is constantly there for you and you can always jump in!

Will the sessions be recorded?

The decision right now is that they will not be recorded. We aim for a lot of interaction and dialog, and to be recorded can be a bit intimidating. We also know that things you can do “later” often tends to never get done. But we are just starting up and this will be evaluated, and if this change and sessions will be recorded, then that will be communicated to all members. 

How much time will it take me?

That’s up to you, but we think that an average of 30-60 min per week will give you great value. That’s also the amount of time we recon it will take to follow a specific track. Essentially, time is the most valuable currency we have. Our ambition is that Empower will save you time while keeping you on top of your game. Just having someone like e.g. Kim Goodwin selecting the most important things to consume, will save you hours (or days) of digging through material that just won’t help you very much. Add to that the possibility to discuss these topics with peers, and thereby possibly avoid making the same mistakes they did. This is bite-sized professional development to make it possible for you to fit in your already busy everyday life.

At what time are the sessions?

The track leaders are located in many different time zones, and that will affect the time of the sessions. We also know that many senior professionals also have family and other responsibilities, so this mostly has to happen within normal work hours. Some sessions can happen during lunch (CET, UTC+01), but most of them will happen between 3 pm – 5 pm CET on weekdays.

Want to know more?

Contact Jane Murray, or check out the Frequently Asked Questions, to learn more about Ambition Empower.

+46 736 69 59 68