AI Mastery for Design Leaders – with CHRIS NOESSEL!

Artificial Intelligence is rapidly becoming a fundamental part of many of the products and services we use: everything from email to vacuum cleaners to music services. Yet, if there’s one phrase that is sure to give design leaders anxiety and imposter syndrome, it’s “AI,” followed closely by its subcategory “machine learning.”

This technology is everywhere and more is coming. What is it? How do you design for it? What are the pitfalls? How do you sift through the jargon to know what’s real? How do you hire for it? The short answer is that it’s a rapidly-changing field, and these answers are changing all the time. The long answer is to join Chris Noessel, AI designer at IBM and author of “Designing Agentive Technologies: AI That Works for People,” as we try to get designers and design leaders comfortable with this new normal.

The AI Mastery for Design Leaders track will continually adapt to the needs of the members, but likely topics include:

  • Time to lean in – how to generate AI possibilities for your organization
  • What are practical, useful definitions of AI for designers? What’s hype and what’s reality?
  • So, your boss (or marketing) has asked you to “add some AI in there.” What next? How are AI design processes different from traditional design processes?
  • What is an AI Design skillset? How do you hire for it? How do you train staff?
  • How do we collaborate and what are the “boundary objects” between UX Design and Data Science?
  • How do we equip our teams to advocate for everyday AI ethics? What examples should you have on hand for discussions?
  • What are modes of agency? How do we design for them? What is conversational design?
  • How do we help ensure that the AI we put into the world doesn’t worsen inequality and community problems? Global problems? What do you do if you discover that’s part of your mandate?

Designing AI solutions for IBM by day, writing books and novels on AI and sci-fi by night. No designer, anywhere on the planet, gets AI and design the way Chris Noessel does.

Chris is a former leader at Cooper in San Fransisco, co-author of Make It So: Interaction Design Lessons from Science Fiction (Rosenfeld Media, 2012), co-author of About Face, 4th Edition (Wiley, 2015), and author of Designing Agentive Technology: AI That Works for People (Rosenfeld Media, 2017). Recently he’s begun publishing sci-fi short stories, and he’s is currently contemplating books about meaning machines and interfaces that improve their users.

Join Chris, and the rest of the fantastic track leaders, and get your own 1-year Ambition Empower membership now!

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