Hi Dan Kindeborg, UX Director at Hemnet

Hi Dan Kindeborg, UX Director at Hemnet. You were one of the first to sign up for Ambition Empower. Why?
– I think it seems like the perfect format. Conferences are fun but the talks often just scratch the surface of things. Courses are usually time-limited and expensive. This seems like something in between, I can learn new stuff and reflect every week.

What would you say are the greatest challenges in your own professional growth, and how do you think Ambition Empower can help you with them?
– I am really curious but there is so much available to read, watch and listen to. I hope this can help me to learn about things that matter to me continuously without having to choose so much what to learn about. I want to be spoon-fed. 😁

The program starts in September, and you’ll have complete access for a full year. So far we’ve only revealed Kim Goodwin and Susan Weinschenk as track leaders. What are you most excited about?
– Kim! I’ve been a fan since I saw her talk about organizational culture in 2014. The topic Design + Product Leadership is right up my alley.

🙏 Thanks Dan! We’re really looking forward to having you with us this fall!

Sounds interesting? You should join too! Check out Ambition Empower to find out more!

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