Francesco Carello, Bosch

Bosch expands from 1 to 10 members

Hi Francesco! You’re a UX Team Lead at Bosch eBike | Digital. You’ve been a member of Ambition Empower since the very beginning, a year ago. But before we get to Empower… What’s an eBike?

– An eBike? It’s simple really. It’s an electrified bicycle, equipped with an electric motor to assist you when you’re pedaling. The experience is quite sensational. With an eBike, it feels like you get super strength, like you’re boosted, like you have bionic legs. We’re improving the biking experience for everyone, from experiences mountain bikers to people who otherwise would have avoided biking. And it’s not just about the motor and the battery but also about the smart interplay between modular on-handlebar controls, displays, a connected app, and digital services that enhance your experience even further.

I really like the way you phrase that. Giving people super strength. Both because it’s an excellent way of framing your work and because that’s what we are trying to do with Ambition Empower.
You’ve been with us for a year. How come you joined in the first place?

– I read Chris Noessels Sci-Fi book many years ago, and then I read his book on AI and design. I really like both his writing and the way he teaches. I was immediately intrigued when he shared his involvement in Ambition Empower through LinkedIn. Then, when I read about the format, with small doses of curated materials and live sessions over a whole year, I decided to give it a try.

Ah. So Chris was the trigger… Nice. And, starting now, there will be 10 of you from Bosch’s eBike division. How come?

– Empower has been very useful for me. It’s very much in line with how I learn; Direct conversations with a group. Some inspiration through stuff I can read or watch. Try things out. Then meet again. You’ve recreated this cycle for me. I told the team about my experience; about the live sessions that just have to be experienced, the curated material we read or watch between sessions, and the app. Then I asked who wanted to join, and here we are. 🙂

Yes, here we are… And, we’re super happy to have all of you. Thanks for being part of Empower!

🚴‍♀️ If you want to empower bikers, don’t hesitate to reach out to Francesco. He’s continuously growing the UX and Service Design team at Bosch.

💪 If you want to join Francesco and all the other Ambition Empower members, head over to Ambition Empower and sign up!

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