Welcome, Julia Mattelin!

We have long wanted to strengthen our team with more experience from the public sector… Enter Julia Mattelin!

Julia trained as a behavioral scientist at Lund University almost 15 years ago and spent most of the 2010s helping people outside the labor market find their way back.

– Suddenly, one day, I realized that there must be more I could do and that I needed more tools to help others succeed. I sat Försäkringskassan and looked out the window. Life happens out there, and I’m stuck in here.

After a couple of years of studies in, e.g., UX and inclusive design, Julia took a job as a Designer/Strategist and Innovator at Studio Stadshuset in Lund.

– It was great fun working with the citizens of Lund. One of the things I liked the most was our innovation weeks. Four times a year, we ran innovation sprints, going from a challenge on Monday to a validated solution on Friday.

– With Ambition, I am now taking another step in my development. I want to continue to develop as a designer, problem solver, and leader. It feels a little scary. All my new colleagues are super bright, and the assignments feel challenging and exciting. I like to work in the unknown, exploring and creating new solutions with customers and users. Right now, I’m curious about everything, but both sustainability and women’s issues are close to my heart, so at some point, I want to be involved in solving one of all the challenges that exist here.

So nice to have you here, Julia! Looking forward to getting to know you, sharing all your experiences, and growing with you! Welcome to Ambition!

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