Our 2022 in numbers

Two years since we started Ambition! Here is our 2022 in numbers!

Our mission is to empower the world’s designers and to help innovative organizations grow. We do this through Ambition Empower, a membership service for continuous professional development in UX, service, and product design. We do this through our consulting services, where we help organizations who want to move faster to work smarter and more customer-centric. And we do it through our recruitment service, where we help our customers find the right design and product people.

2021 was our startup year, and 2022 was the year when we established ourselves as a company:

  • Empower grew from just over 100 to almost 300 members, most of whom spend 1 hour each week strengthening their abilities and growing together. Also, more and more of our customers choose to sign up their entire teams, and structure their professional development with the help of Empower.
  • The number of tracks at Empower increased from 4 to 7 and now include design and product leadership, AI & design, behavioral design, design research, inclusive design, product leadership, and service design.
  • In total, our track leaders Kim Goodwin, Chris Noessel, Susan Weinschenk, Per Axbom, Christian Crumlish, and Cris Risdon selected and created 12,688 minutes of high-quality content to listen to, read, or watch, including 74 (!) live sessions for our members.
  • On the consulting side, we deepened our collaborations with, among others, IKEA, SKF, Volvo Group, and Polestar. Here we have the privilege of solving exciting challenges in close cooperation with truly amazing people.
  • We grew into an absolutely fantastic team and went from 9 to 17 curious, smart, committed, and caring colleagues who always ask how you’re doing (and mean it) and who never hesitate to help.
  • Internally, we conducted 37 Empower highlight sessions, 29 show & tell sessions, and 3 knowledge-sharing conferences.
  • In terms of money, we increased our annual revenue from EUR 0.6 M in 2021 to EUR 2.1 M in 2022.

Thanks to all members, customers, partners, and friends! 2022 was absolutely fantastic. Now we have lots of exciting plans for 2023. Stay tuned! 😃🎉📻

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