Ambition Empower

Terms & Conditions

When you purchase a membership, you agree to the terms and conditions of Ambition Empower. 

Community rules

  • Our aim is to create a safe space for all members to thrive and develop. Please, do your best to contribute in this effort, and support your fellow members.
  • Ambition has the right to exclude members if they in any way discriminate a person based on gender, ethnic background, religious belief, political views, age, gender identity, or who they fall in love with.
  • Ambition has the right to exclude members if they have hostile or aggressive behaviour, or in any other way behave in a manner that we deem to be damaging for the community.
  • Also, be respectful with what you learn about your community members and make sure that you are kind and thoughtful if you talk with people outside the community and/or share information in your social channels.

Membership and payment

  • The membership is valid 12 months from signing.
  • The membership is personal and cannot be shared with anyone else. 
  • The membership belongs to whoever paid for it. If a member leaves hir employment, and the employer paid for the membership, the employer can transfer the membership to another employee once during a 12 month period.
  • A membership can not be cancelled or refunded. 
  • The annual membership fee must be paid in full to get access to the program.

Integrity and GDPR

  • We will store the personal information you provide when you sign up to join Ambition Empower.
  • We will store information about your participation in Ambition Empower, and about the content from the live sessions and other events within Ambition Empower.
  • From time to time we will inform all program members about development and offers connected to, or relevant for, the program.
  • We aim to create opportunities for our members, and we may reach out to you if there’s anything that we think would be of particular interest to you or your organization. 
  • We have a routine for when data is considered invalid and will be deleted/anonymised in line with the General Data Protection Regulation.  
  • We will never give out personal information to a third party without the consent of the member.

Want to know more?

Contact Jane Murray, or check out the Frequently Asked Questions, to learn more about Ambition Empower.

+46 736 69 59 68