Awareness of how design can affect well-being is growing, acknowledging that design not only solves, but also creates, problems.

It is increasingly expected that you balance your concern for business value with the outcomes and impact of the work that you and your team put forward. But how do you work intentionally to mitigate negative outcomes? How do you find and bring attention to the many harms that may arise? How do you resolve issues where when one group gains and another pains from the same solution?

In this track you will learn to manage ethical decision-making and lead with compassion. I will strive to provide a safe environment for you to recognise and discuss difficult choices, and offer practical tools and guidance for more easily managing those choices.

The track continually adapts to the needs of the members, but includes e.g.:

  • Understanding value systems and how we prioritise our actions.
  • How to raise, and talk about, ethical issues within a team, and with decision-makers.
  • Supporting teams in safe and purposeful discussions around the potential for harmful impact and outcomes.
  • Performing risk analyses, perspective-shifting and impact assessments to mitigate and minimise harm.
  • The ethical benefits of co-creation, co-design and a coaching mindset.
  • Managing harm in real-time when the damage is done.
  • Long-term thinking and the benefits to business.


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Per Axbom is the author of Digital Compassion (2019), and Scandinavia’s foremost expert in Design Ethics. He’s a consultant in UX, accessibility and digital strategy. Ethics is not about hindering digital progress, Per says. It’s about choosing the best direction for it. Per is often invited to speak at international conferences. You can hear his voice as one of the two hosts on UX Podcast, follow him on Twitter, and buy his handbook Digital Compassion (2019).


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