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Regardless of whether your focus is design or product, your job as a leader is to improve the organization’s ability to deliver the right experience.

Your organization is a unique combination of life stage, industry, culture, skill levels, structure, resources, and other factors. As a leader, you have a unique combination of strengths that make some situations easier than others. The track continually adapts to the needs of the members but includes, e.g.:

  • Facilitating & making better decisions.
  • Adapting your team’s approach to the organization’s context & culture.
  • Influencing organizational values.
  • Defining & applying human-centered metrics.
  • Making hiring more effective.
  • Coaching people at multiple levels.
  • Design Ops for scaling processes & teams.
  • Influencing stakeholders outside of your team.
  • Knowing your strengths as a leader (and when to lean on others).
  • Making sure your role and career are sustainable for YOU.

Every week Kim Goodwin provides one hour of carefully selected recommendations on what to read, watch, or listen to stay ahead. The monthly 1h live sessions with Kim typically start at 16:00 CET/CEST. Once you sign up, you'll receive calendar bookings well ahead of each session.


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Kim Goodwin is the author of the bestselling book, Designing for the Digital Age. She is a Design & Product leadership consultant and executive, providing creative leadership and management consulting for Fortune 500s as well as startup clients in varied industries, including healthcare, aviation, retail, communication, financial services, consumer, enterprise, automotive, IT, and other industries. Earlier in her career, Kim was VP of Design & General Manager at Cooper, a leading design and strategy agency in San Francisco, for 12 years.


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