Service design

Most economies are dominated by services. From traditional healthcare services to the latest pizza delivery services, our lives are dominated by the services we engage with.

Forward-leaning organizations are transforming their business by connecting their experience end-to-end, across digital and physical channels, to provide a true service experience. This requires going beyond the screens to create intentional, meaningful experiences and interactions across the whole customer journey.

The track continually adapts to the needs of the members but includes, e.g.:

  • How Service Design drives vision and strategy for teams and organizations.
  • What a Service Design process looks like and how to perfect it to create great service experiences.
  • How to succeed with Service Design in small start-ups, and large enterprises.
  • How to practice Service Design in an agile, SAFe, or lean organizations.
  • How do Service Designers work cross-functionally with e.g. product managers, developers, and researchers?
  • What are the most useful methods and approaches? How and when to employ them.
  • Where do Service Designers live in an organization?

Every week Chris Risdon provides one hour of carefully selected recommendations on what to read, watch, or listen to stay ahead. The monthly 1h live sessions with Chris typically start at 16:00 CET/CEST. Once you sign up, you'll receive calendar bookings well ahead of each session.


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Chris Risdon is a co-author of the Service design book “Orchestrating Experiences: Collaborative Design for Complexity” (Rosenfeld Media). He’s currently a Principal Service Designer at Chris’ priors include Head of Design for peer-to-peer carsharing service Getaround; Head of Design for the Labs division of one of the largest US banks, Capital One; and Design Director for Adaptive Path, the pioneering experience design consultancy. Chris has introduced and advanced new methods in design, teaching thousands of design professionals and students, and has led and grown design teams, including service design practices at both startups and large enterprises. Follow him on Twitter @chrisrisdon.


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