Welcome Mia Malmberg!

🎉 We’re growing! None other than MIA MALMBERG is joining Ambition! 🎉

Mia Malmberg is a creative and energetic UX Lead, service designer, and business developer with an incredibly broad background. Over the years she’s been working with everything from apps and websites to AI-driven optimization tools and complex administrative systems.

Mia is brave. She’s really quick when it comes to understanding complex systems, and great at both managing and developing them. Her 15+ years of experience from both the private and public sector is a huge asset, not least when it comes to projects in larger organizations. Mia gets things done, at high speed, and with an energy and an attitude that makes everyone around feel both safe and happy.

So. Mia is a real star 🌟, but… that is not why we really love working with her. The reason why we’re so happy is that she is really thoughtful and considerate ❤️ , and that she’s always there when you need her.

Welcome Mia!

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