Meet Joe Macleod at Backstage with UX Podcast

Meet Joe Macleod at Backstage with UX Podcast

How many products and services have you created? How many ends have you designed?

There is a gap in the consumer lifecycle that needs attention – the end. The problems are piled high in this gap: pollution, unwanted pictures on social media, risks to security…

– We talked to Joe Macleod back in 2017 about ends. Highlighting how companies are poor at creating ends… even poor at admitting ends exist… and scared to embrace endings as something natural. We focused mainly on highlighting the lack of good endings and that there was a gap to be filled. Then we talked to Krystal Higgins about onboarding in Episode 272. The beginning of a relationship, of adoption. 

– Now it’s time to talk to Joe about offboarding, designing better ends. Endineering, as Joe calls it. What we can do – practically – to create good endings.

Learn more about “Endineering” – join Ambition Empower, and meet Joe MacleodJames Royal-Lawson, and Per Axbom, Backstage with UX Podcast on March 28!

See you there!

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