Maria Redström & Johanna Altenstedt, Tibco

Hi Maria Redström and Johanna Altenstedt

Hi Maria Redström & Johanna Altenstedt! You work with UX strategy and research at TIBCO Spotfire, and have been members of Ambition Empower for almost six months now. What are your impressions so far?

– The setup, with a mix of live events and things to do on your own time, is perfect! Even when you forget to plan for it, you can always make time for some of the bite-size material, even when super busy.

– Yes, and it saves us time in finding great new material. We usually spend time reading up on new trends and methods anyway, but here we can follow in the footsteps of Kim Goodwin and Susan Weinschenk and get a curated list of recommendations!

Glad you like it! Our goal is to help all members to keep growing in a fun, efficient, and accessible way. So far, has Empower helped you change the way you work, or made you more efficient?

– Absolutely. We have been inspired to rethink how we work with internal stakeholders, seeing them as customers, or users, of our work. We have worked with UX for many years, but both Susan and Kim have given us valuable tools that have helped us become even better at aligning our research work with the company’s strategy.

– One concrete example is that we are looking into Continuous Discovery, working closer with the development teams, in addition to the more strategic projects we already do. This adds value both for our employer and for us.

– Ultimately, it is all about how we can build better products. We want to deliver a great experience for the customers, and create value for our business. Empower, and everything we learn, inspires us to explore new ways of working.

Finally. Do you have anything in particular that you would like to share with others who consider joining?

– Come along! All the methods we go through are very hands-on and easy to apply in our everyday work.

– Yes. Being two people from the same organization, who attend the same tracks, makes it easier to put what we learn into practice. We collaborate a lot and discuss what we picked up from a session or related to some of the shared material. Sometimes we decide to dive deeper into a topic, such as the Continuous Discovery method, where Ambition Empower led the way into this area for us.

Thank you so much for the great feedback, and for taking the time to talk to us! Best of luck going forward!

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