Lyndon Craig, Electrolux

Hi Lyndon Craig, Head of Design at Electrolux APAC & MEA

Habits. The key to success in so many different situations… Last week I talked to Lyndon Craig, Head of Design at Electrolux APAC & MEA, and a member of our professional development program, Ambition Empower.

You’re in Singapore. When I start my workday here in Sweden, you’re nearing the end of yours. How has Empower worked out for you so far?

– Attending the live sessions has been a challenge, for sure, since they usually start around 10 or 11 pm my time. Although, the ones I’ve managed, with Kim Goodwin and Susan Weinschenk, have been great!

Succeeding with continuous professional growth is all about creating productive habits. When, and how, are you finding the time to get through the list of recommended articles, videos, etc.?

– Haha, my daughter is an early riser. She gets up a quarter past five. Way earlier than she needs to. I go up with her, drink my coffee, and catch up with Empower. For me, this works best. Once the workday gets going, I find it hard to take time for myself, and since I often have meetings in the evenings, mornings work best for me.

Going forward. Is there anything in particular that you’re looking forward to?

– Yes! Talking about habits… I’ve started following Susan Weinschenk’s new track on Behavioral Design. I’ve got a few things to catch up with, but it’s an area that I’m really interested in, so I’m very much enjoying this.

Thanks for taking the time to talk to me Lyndon, and thanks for being a part of Empower!

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