Nalla Faye at H&M

“I learn a lot without wasting time”

Say hi to Nalla Faye, Director of Design at H&M, living in Paris, and Ambition Empower member since September 2021. Nalla is currently following 4 different tracks; AI & Design, Digital Ethics, Behavioral Design, and Leadership in Design and Product Organizations.

Nalla has a super interesting career. She started out in economics, specialized in journalism writing about Tech and media, and then turned to UX, working for Topshop, Testapic, and now H&M.

Hi Nalla! We’re so happy to have you with us. What’s your impression so far?

– I really like it! The combination of things to do, live meetings, and miro boards to collaborate is really powerful, and it makes the different tracks easy to follow. Also, I really like the leaders. Kim Goodwin, Chris Noessel, Per Axbom, and Susan Weinschenk are all super-skilled and very engaging.

Wow! We’re so happy that you like it! What would you say makes Empower different from other professional growth opportunities?

– What makes it different? That it’s easy and straight to the point. I learn a lot without wasting time. Conferences are often fun, but more inspiring and social than practical. Courses can sometimes work, but the Empower setup where we learn continuously in small chunks makes it very sustainable and easy for me to apply that new knowledge to H&M week after week. And that’s really what it’s all about – making use of what you learn. Right?

Absolutely! Is there anything else that you would like to add?

– Yes. The breakouts in the live sessions have been really useful. It’s so lovely to connect and talk casually to people outside your company. It brings new perspectives. Overall by listening in or interacting with others, I get a lot of “aha” moments from the sessions, which makes me feel more empowered and inspired.

Thanks, Nalla! I really appreciate talking to you! Good luck with everything!

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