Samuel Spånberger & Carin Andersson-Sarning, Stratsys

“I want to make it possible for my designers to grow in a smarter way”

Hi Samuel Spånberger! You and Carin Andersson-Sarning have been part of Ambition Empower for almost a year. Now you are extending your memberships, and also bringing in more colleagues from Stratsys. Why?

– For us, this format fits perfectly. You learn something new every week, and get the opportunity to reflect in-between, unlike a conference or traditional course. It’s easier to learn, and to apply the new knowledge when you get it in small doses. Why we are bringing in more colleagues? Easy. I want to make it possible for my designers to grow in a smarter way.

To your mind, what has been most rewarding during the past year? Is there something special that you have learned regarding e.g. your work processes, or something that has helped you to move faster?

– The tracks we have followed have sparked a lot of thoughts and fruitful discussions. Perhaps the most important thing for Carin has been Per Axbom’s tips on how to hold better workshops. We have tested this in the team, and took it upon ourselves to create ready-made workshop components to work with. We have also started to design more in groups instead of individually. We reach a greater consensus and a higher quality on the design proposals that came out of these workshops. For me, personally, Kim Goodwin is an invaluable source of inspiration, and her track constantly helps me grow as a leader.

We have just launched the new Empower app. Have you had time to look at it?

– Yes. I really like that it is easier to see which tracks you follow, and to mark the things you have done. If I could wish for something… it would be super nice to be able to write down your takeaways as notes, directly in the app, both to remember to do it, and to remember where they are.

In the autumn, we will start up two new tracks; Service Design with Chris Risdon, and Product Management for UX People with Christian Crumlish. You are 5 people from Stratsys. Do you have a plan for how you will prioritize and what tracks you will follow?

– We recently hired four new designers. I want each of them to specialize in one specific direction. Here Ambition Empower gives us the opportunity to focus a little extra on one track at a time, and then share insights with the team at regular intervals. This way we can continuously discuss how we can improve our UX process, and keep growing both as a team and as individuals.

Thank you Samuel, and good luck with your continued development! 🙌

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